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Chilly's Bottles Collection

Chilly’s Bottles: stay healthy, be refreshed

Nifte & Co’sis the leading seller of Chilly’s Bottles. They have crafted a wide variety of quality reusable water bottles.

Chilly's Bottle Blush

Chilly’s Bottles Blush Collection

This collection of Chilly’s bottles is in medium bright tones of pink, blue, purple, and green. These colors are perfect for summer to feel light and bright all day with your gorgeous Chilly bottle. It is available in 500 ml capacity.

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Chilly’s Bottles Matte Collection

This collection includes beautiful colored reusable bottles: blue, burnt orange, burnt yellow, green, pink, purple, and red. These bottles are perfect at work, gym or to take with you to travel or hiking. Your kids will also love these colorful bottles in their school bags. This collection is a perfect hydration choice for all matte color lovers

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Chilly's Bottles Chrome

Chilly’s Bottles Chrome Collection

This collection of chrome bottles is perfect for all the picky people who want a gorgeous yet colorful water bottle with a sleek and durable shine. It is available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver color, its stainless-steel exterior makes it ideal for adults.

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Chilly's Bottles Stainless Steel

Chilly’s Bottles Stainless Collection

This collection of pure silver Chilly’s bottles is perfect for keeping it with you at your workplace. This is available in perfect plain and sleek silver color in 4 different sizes. If you don’t like to mix up your bottle color with all other accessories, this silver bottle is the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.

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Chilly’s Bottles Monochrome Collection

The monochrome collection includes descent and a wonderful color scheme of black and grey that can be a perfect gift for your parents on their birthdays. The colors available are all black, black, grey, pale grey, and white. These are perfect shades for black and white color lovers. 

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Chilly's Bottle's Neon

Chilly’s Bottles Neon Collection

Neon Chilly’s Bottles have a range of striking neon colors of water bottles.

These neon colors are extremely bright versions of blue, red, green, yellow, pink, and orange, perfect to add a colorful addition for better hydration because the color of your bottle matters in your drinking habit.

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Chilly's Bottles Pastel

Chilly’s Bottles Pastel Collection

All your accessories tell something about your taste and personality. Are you a sensitive and friendly person? Your water bottle should reflect your personality with a quite calming color. This pastel collection of Chilly’s water bottles is gorgeous with beautiful pastel shades. Choose from blue, coral, green, pink, and purple colors.

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Ditch your plastic water bottle habit and protect yourself from harmful chemicals with your favorite Chilly’s Water Bottle!

FAQ Questions about Chilly’s Bottles:

Where are Chilly’s bottles made?

Chilly's Bottles is a UK based business even though the products are manufactured overseas.

Where can I buy chilly’s bottles from?

You can buy Chilly’s bottles from here.

How long do chilly’s bottles last?

Chilly's Bottles are designed to be used for a lifetime.

However, in case of anything going wrong, we have a warranty to cover you against manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase.

How do Chilly’s bottles work?

These bottles are eco-friendly with double-wall vacuum technology to keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and warm drinks warm for up to